1980 - 2004


Kyi Hla Han, aka “The Burmese Bandit”,  accrued ten “Top Tier” victories including illustrious titles such as the Singapore Open and the Volvo China Open along with dozens of regional tournament victories.  Kyi Hla cemented his place in golf history by winning the Asian Order of Merit in 1999, his proudest achievement as a player.


2004 - 2016


As Executive Chairman of the Asian Tour Kyi Hla Han guided  the Tour's meteoric rise into golf world prominence. His business acumen is celebrated and is cemented in his legacy. Under Kyi Hla’s tutelage the Asian Tour has become the official sanctioning body for professional golf in Asia. In  2015 Han was named the “7th most influential man in Asian Sport" by Reuters who describe Kyi Hla as "a major power broker in Asian sports."




First being voted into the role of Tournament Players Committee (TPC) Chairman and later appointed Executive Chairman of the Asian Tour, Kyi Hla has facilitated lasting relationships that have ensured that Asian golf business will have a permanent place at the table of any major golf organization or world event for decades to come.




Kyi Hla has spent his career studying what works and doesn’t work in a golf design.  As a perennial champion, his understanding of great golf is rock solid.  As the Executive Chairman of the Asian Tour, his understanding of all aspects of the financial side of golf  goes hand in hand with his design philosophy.

Every project is personally led by Kyi Hla Han and Sam Sakocius.  Kyi Hla is not just a name on a masthead, he is fully committed to every nuance of the creation and spends an extraordinary amount of time onsite directing the works.  Associate designers with years of experience and technical skills on well-known high end projects, a land planning team of the highest pedigree, a feasibility team to analyze all financial aspects, including sales, operational pro-formas and long term projections, and an events and marketing staff, brand Kyi Hla Han Golf Design as much more than just a design company, but a full service organization to drive a project from an idea to successful operating entity.

Kyi Hla Han has the unique distinction of being an Asian designer living and working in Southeast Asia.  Having reached the pinnacle of Asian professional golf and spending a lifetime enmeshed in the sport both as a player and successful businessman, he now initiates his long planned debut into a golf design business.  After significant design roles on several projects he now takes his passion to the level of full-fledged design firm.


Kyi Hla has assembled an expert support team led by Sam Sakocius, a perennial stalwart of the golf industry.


Sam is renowned as a global expert in all aspects of golf development, specializing in technical aspects of golf functionality and also lives full time in Southeast Asia.  He is responsible for design feasibility, efficiency, and technical soundness of plan production and implementation.


With Sam on the scene, absolute technical confidence is assured.

Aside from the obvious that a Kyi Hla Han designed project will generate immediate interest and respect anywhere in SE Asia, his sensitive approach and incomparable experience as a player sets his design philosophy apart.


In addition to all important strategy and routing, Kyi Hla Han believes golf should be visually interesting, even breathtaking whenever possible.  He wants the golfer to enjoy the beauty of his course as well as the surrounding geography. He therefore carefully considers not only how his course will play, but how it will enhance the golfer’s sense of tranquility through thoughtful vistas and alcoves of peaceful landscapes interwoven into his design fabric.


A native of Myanmar the spirituality ingrained by his culture permeates his design philosophy to produce truly unique golfing experiences.


His understanding of the financial side of golf  goes hand in hand with his design philosophy.  His projects are not only fascinating, they are sustainable. ’

The Dalat at 1200 is a Kyi Hla Han 18-hole Championship Course and the world’s first Asian Tour Performance Golf Institute.  Designed to produce the optimal putting surface, the greens feature a high-grade Bent grass, normally reserved for tournament courses, so that the members can enjoy the ultimate tour player’s experience.

Mdanday Myotha Golf Club is "one of the inspired features of the Myotha Industrial Park..." according to the Myanmar Times. The 18 hole,  par-72 layout will be co-designed by the international golf design firm of Schmidt-Curley Golf Design and  Asian Signature designer,   Kyi Hla Han..   “As the layout is set to play host to international events, Kyi Hla will provide valuable input on the course design to help produce a stern test for today’s best players,” opined Schmidt Curley President, and co-designer, Lee Schmidt.


Mandalay Myotha Golf Club

Dalat at 1200





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