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Turns Professional


A bona fide giant of golf in Asia, for the best part of four decades the name of Kyi Hla Han has been synonymous with the Royal and Ancient game.


Having conquered the fairways of the region as a player, Kyi Hla excelled as a principled administrator and leader, fighting for the rights of Asian Tour members in boardrooms around the globe. Revered across his home continent and respected in the corridors of golfing power around the world, Kyi Hla remains an inspiration and role model to Asian golfers.


Now, the third significant phase of Kyi Hla’s remarkable career is taking shape, putting his years of playing experience into the art of sculpting golf courses. Displaying the same vigor, determination, and integrity that have been his hallmarks, Kyi Hla Han’s designs on stamping his inimitable imprint as a course architect par excellence are now coming to fruition.

- Spencer Robinson, Golf Writer and Broadcaster

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